The Learning

At The larger context of education is to prepare futuristic citizens for a meaningful and productive life in a globalize society. There is a dire need to strengthen the education system and need to look at the holistic assessment of a learner which include both scholastic and co scholastic areas of learner growth with reference to attributes such as life skills , attitudes and values as well as co-curricular activities like sports , NCC,NSS etc.. The CCE scheme aims at addressing this in a holistic manner. It is not the end result but the process of education that is to be of more importance.. The scheme would facilitate in unraveling the lantern talent and relied a true picture of the growth and profile of a young learner. It will heap in wholesome personality development of our learners and make them all rounded personality.

Such a holistic assessment regular maintaining an ongoing, charging and comprehensive profile for each learner. In order to improve the teaching learning process, assessment should be both formative and summative. These are the tools used by the teacher to continuously monitor student progress in non threatening, supportive environment and also carried out at the end of a course of learning as it is evaluation of learning..

A nine point grading system will be used for measuring scholastic achievements .For other co-scholastic areas a three point or a five point grading system is going to come into affect.

IN KRIS, the system of evaluation includes both formative and summative modes. To ensure that our evaluation is continuous and comprehensive. We use observation, oral techniques and the paper pencil tests through out the year. The class and home assignments, projects , activities, class tests, holiday homework are all used for this purpose. The CCC scheme provides all the students an equal opportunity to display their potential.

Workshops, Seminars & Orientation Programmes

Workshops, Seminars and Orientation Programmes are conducted by experts time to time for students and teachers.