Club Houses

Hobby Club

Kasturiram International School has set the system of Hobby clubs in their school campus.The aim of clubs is to give the chance to the students to explore their hidden talents in different spheres.They enjoy and relax inside the school campus with their teachers and classmates.The different clubs are :-

  • COOKING CLUB : Cooking club inculcates the healthy, good and hygienic eating habits .

  • WORK EXPERIENCE CLUB : Work experience club brings out the hidden talents and innovative ideas of students.

  • SWIMMING / SPORTS CLUB: It is the best means of attaining fitness and increase the stamina.

  • READING AND CREATIVE WRITING CLUB: This club enhances the writing skill, vocabulary and make the students write story, poem , articles.

  • SKATING CLUB: This club develops the power of concentration and increase stamina of students.

  • FIRST AID / HEALTH CLUB:This club teaches the students the significance of good health in their life.

  • ECO CLUB: It works to reduce the negative impact on the environment and create a mass awareness about atmosphere.

  • ART AND CRAFT CLUB: It enhances the creativity and imagination of the students .They make different types of paintings / craft items.

  • LAWN TENNIS CLUB: It develops physical fitness, concentration and stamina of students .

  • MUSIC AND DANCE CLUB: This club makes the students aware of different kinds of music , techniques and types of dances.

House System

House system, started in the school to impart its students the skill of management and leadership. It encourages self discipline and improves student teacher relationship. The system facilitates better organization and maximum participation of the student in various co-curricular activities. The four houses of the school are :

  • Aravalli
  • Satpura
  • Nilgiri
  • Shavalik

The houses perform the following duties in rotation:

  • Manage the morning assembly
  • Write news and thought of the day.
  • Check the late comers
  • Check the student uniform